The Claim That Turkish Academics Were Threatened and Libeled Is Entirely Fictitious

The claim on the Wikipedia web site about members of the BAV community regarding Turkish academics is entirely fictitious. First of all, it is impossible for there to be any question of aiming to intimidate Turkish academics holding Darwinist views from expressing scientific opinions, because there is nothing scientific at all about the theory of evolution. On the contrary, science had inflicted a huge defeat on the theory of evolution. But the whole world has been under the dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship for the last 150 years. It is therefore impossible for Darwinist scientists to suffer any injustice such as being unable to express their ideas. For the last 150 years, Darwinists have attempted to prop up a false ideology, by concealing science from people and showing them false evidence and offering deceptive accounts. For that reason, no matter what means may be placed at the disposal of evolutionist academics in the future, they will still only be able to offer deception, never science. That is because Darwinism is not scientific, but the worst mass deception in the history of the world.
But in the present century, Darwinism has suffered a huge collapse in the face of the matchless works of Mr. Adnan Oktar and most recently of his Atlas of Creation. This means that Darwinism is a false ideology that can be totally and fundamentally demolished through an intellectual struggle. And Mr. Oktar has eliminated Darwinism from the world with a powerful intellectual campaign. He has shown that all of Darwinism's ridiculous claims are invalid. While Darwinists were maintaining that everything came into being by chance, Mr. Oktar proved that not even a single protein can form coincidentally. While Darwinists have for years been saying that there are millions of transitional fossils, Mr. Oktar has shown there exists not even one transitional fossil, and that all the 300 million fossils unearthed to date prove Creation. Darwinism is a theory that is easily demolished with the revelation of the facts and by way of science. The claim about Darwinist academics is therefore totally unfounded. Their ideology has already collapsed by way of the scientific facts.
It will here be useful to recall one very important fact. The person indicated as the source of these claims of threat is Asst. Prof. Umit Sayin, currently a defendant in the investigation into the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Umit Sayin is on trial within the scope of alleged organization Ergenekon case on charges of being a member of the illegal organization and inciting an armed uprising against the government of the Republic of Turkey. He is one of Turkey's leading adherents of Darwinism and is known for articles, activities and comments targeting works by Mr. Oktar that demolish Darwinism and materialism. Among the documents that emerged within the scope of the alleged organization Ergenekon investigation from Umit Sayin's computer was a considerable amount of information for use against Mr. Oktar and the BAV. One of the noteworthy documents in the alleged organization Ergenekon case files is Umit Sayin's freemasonry document and his saying "THE MOST IMPORTANT SIGN OF HIS LOYALTY TO THE MASONIC LODGES IS HIS WORK AGAINST HARUN YAHYA (ADNAN OKTAR) AND THE SCIENCE RESEARCH FOUNDATION (BAV)." ( haber.php? haberid=327899)
In addition, as set out in press reports, telephone records and computer correspondence in the alleged terror organization Ergenekon case files belonging to Umit Sayin also clearly reveal that Mr. Oktar and the BAV circle were targeted.

Responding to Baseless Claims Regarding Adnan Oktar on the Wikipedia Web Site

image Various pieces of information about Adnan Oktar are provided, under the headings Adnan Oktar and Harun Yahya, on the Wikipedia web site, which appears in English and various other foreign languages. Some of the information about Mr. Oktar's past and activities is accurate, but there are also some totally false claims and imputations. These claims have been added to the site for biased parties to misdirect readers or as a reiteration of unfounded allegations reflected in the press as a smear campaign. So much so that untrue reports that have been exposed as false by court rulings are cited as references, untrue reports that appeared in the press on the basis of no evidence whatsoever are cited as supposed proofs, while court rulings and other facts that expose the baseless nature of these allegations are completely ignored. (You can read the acquittal rulings and decisions not to proceed taken in the BAV Case here.)
Since our numerous corrections sent to the Wikipedia pages have been ignored and court rulings have countless times disproved these groundless claims with their legal contents it is now essential that we issue statements on the subject setting out the true facts. The false nature of the claims made against Adnan Oktar on the Wikipedia web site is proved below, and statements clarifying the true state of affairs are set out for readers' consideration.

The True Facts Regarding Statements Intended to Raise Suspicions about BAV Members' Sources of Income

For years now, press organs have been publishing reports about Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV asking "where does the money they make come from?" The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), affiliated to the Turkish Finance Ministry, has carried out detailed investigations into all the defendants in the BAV case, which has been going on since 2000, including Mr. Oktar. All the defendants' work places, bank accounts and financial records were examined individually. THREE SEPARATE OFFICIAL REPORTS issued by MASAK, OFFICIAL STATE REPORTS, DEFINITIVELY REFUTED the illegal earnings allegation. (Below are shown MASAK Report No. GKR.2000.22.173/Mut-2 dated 27 July, 2000, MASAK Report No. GKR.2000-22/11 dated 21 December, 2000, and MASAK Report No. GKR.2001-22-173/ Mut-1 dated 16 July, 2001.)
THERE IS NO QUESTION OF ANY ILLICIT EARNINGS. Mr. Oktar and the BAV members are people who fear Allah, guard the rights of the orphans and MAKE ONLY LAWFUL EARNINGS. Although it has been shown right at the beginning of the BAV case through OFFICIAL REPORTS SUBMITTED TO THE COURT that these claims made are all false, these biased reports based on no concrete evidence whatsoever still appear in newspapers, on the television and on the internet as part of the psychological warfare campaign against Mr. Oktar. However, the tens of thousands of people who read his works with great enjoyment attach no credence to these claims. Mr. Oktar is engaged in his valuable works with no expectation of material reward, solely for the good pleasure of Allah and for love of the motherland and the nation. It will be appreciated that the fact someone is engaged in such effective activity expecting no material reward documents how the claims in question are all utterly false allegations.

Responses to the Claims Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Offer to Give 10 Trillion Turkish Lira to Anyone Producing a Single Transitional Fossil

This challenge to Darwinists from Mr. Oktar has been around for a long time. But although this call has been issued to Darwinists across the world many times over, not a single Darwinist scientist has ever come forward with a single transitional form fossil. The claim made by P. Z. Myers, a Darwinist biologist distressed by Mr. Oktar's activities in general and his Atlas of Creation that demolished evolution in particular, to the effect that such fossils are to be found in the Smithsonian Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, the largest Darwinist museums in the world, is an utterly feeble one. That is because various members of the BAV community have visited the museums in question and asked museum officials to be shown a transitional form fossil. The officials put them off, answering that THERE WERE NO TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS IN THE MAIN DISPLAY but that they were kept in the storage rooms down below. The members of the BAV community then asked to be shown the transitional fossils in the storage sections, at which the officials said THE STORAGE AREA WAS LOCKED AND SO THEY COULD NOT SHOW THEM THE TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS.
The ruse being played here is a facile one that would not even deceive a child. The real reason why the officials were unable to show any transitional fossils is that NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL EXISTS IN REALITY. The number of fossils unearthed to date has now reached 300 million, and the fact that not one of these fossils is a transitional form terrifies Darwinists. All these 300 million fossils belong to perfect and fully formed beings, with an extraordinary symmetry. There is no doubt that P. Z. Myers and all Darwinists who maintain that hundreds of transitional forms exist are well aware of the deadly blow the fossil record had dealt to Darwinism. Since standing up and confessing this terrifies them, and since they cannot admit their desperate position, the only thing they can do is to try and retrieve the situation with deceptive but ultimately empty counter attacks. But it is no longer possible for them to do this in the 21st century, in which the collapse of Darwinism is announced.

Mr. Adnan Oktar's Opinions Regarding the Violence of the Holocaust and Statements Concerning the Claims about the Book The Holocaust Lie

The book The Holocaust Lie was not written by Mr. Oktar. It was written by someone called Nuri Ozbudak and published without Mr. Oktar's permission. A protest was issued by Mr. Oktar in a notarized document and announced to the public. The original document is set out for readers' attention below. Mr. Oktar's book The Holocaust Violence in which his own ideas are set out was published subsequently.

In The Holocaust Violence Mr. Oktar states that the Nazis perpetrated one of the worst genocides in history and committed mass slaughter. He describes how Hitler's followers committed a terrible massacre especially of devout Jews, as well as the scale of this. He states that this was the product of a Darwinist, fascist mindset, and that the most evident implementation of the ruthless and cruel thinking, the essence of Darwinism, came in the Second World War. The Holocaust Violence, which contains Mr. Oktar's true ideas is therefore a rare and very important work that proves the terrible genocide perpetrated against genuine Jews.
Mr. Oktar constantly reiterates his love and affection for worthy Jews, descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), in his works and interviews. He set these views out in an interview for Der Spiegel magazine on 14 September, 2008:
ADNAN OKTAR: The book, The Holocaust Lie, is by one of my friends, Nuri Ozbudak. It is not one of my books. He published his own essays under that title. Later we protested against this through the Public Notary and declared the fact to the public. This was the subject of a protest. I did not take any other legal action, but only protested through the Public Notary. I sent the protest from the Public Notary Office because he used my name but published it under his own name. My book expressing my own ideas was published later.
INTERVIEWER: So you never denied the Holocaust?
ADNAN OKTAR: The Nazis not only massacred Jews, but a great many other people as well. They committed a great mass murder. But they also mercilessly killed devout Jews. This is surely the atrocious work of Darwinist fascists. This is a fact. I have provided a detailed account of it [in my book The Holocaust Violence]. Jews are the descendents of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), they are the descendents of the prophets. They are valuable people. I love Jews very much. That is to say, the Prophets Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph and Solomon (peace be upon them all); they are all prophets and they all come from this particular line of descent. Accordingly those who attempt to annihilate the Jewish line of descent also annihilate that of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It is unimaginable for a Muslim to remain silent in the face of an action intended to annihilate the line of descent of a prophet. He will surely take action. I have also taken a strong action in this regard; I emphatically reject the present pressure on the Jews, the attempts to annihilate them, the acts of all sorts intended to remove them from their country and oppose them.