Responses to the Claims Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Offer to Give 10 Trillion Turkish Lira to Anyone Producing a Single Transitional Fossil

This challenge to Darwinists from Mr. Oktar has been around for a long time. But although this call has been issued to Darwinists across the world many times over, not a single Darwinist scientist has ever come forward with a single transitional form fossil. The claim made by P. Z. Myers, a Darwinist biologist distressed by Mr. Oktar's activities in general and his Atlas of Creation that demolished evolution in particular, to the effect that such fossils are to be found in the Smithsonian Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, the largest Darwinist museums in the world, is an utterly feeble one. That is because various members of the BAV community have visited the museums in question and asked museum officials to be shown a transitional form fossil. The officials put them off, answering that THERE WERE NO TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS IN THE MAIN DISPLAY but that they were kept in the storage rooms down below. The members of the BAV community then asked to be shown the transitional fossils in the storage sections, at which the officials said THE STORAGE AREA WAS LOCKED AND SO THEY COULD NOT SHOW THEM THE TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS.
The ruse being played here is a facile one that would not even deceive a child. The real reason why the officials were unable to show any transitional fossils is that NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL EXISTS IN REALITY. The number of fossils unearthed to date has now reached 300 million, and the fact that not one of these fossils is a transitional form terrifies Darwinists. All these 300 million fossils belong to perfect and fully formed beings, with an extraordinary symmetry. There is no doubt that P. Z. Myers and all Darwinists who maintain that hundreds of transitional forms exist are well aware of the deadly blow the fossil record had dealt to Darwinism. Since standing up and confessing this terrifies them, and since they cannot admit their desperate position, the only thing they can do is to try and retrieve the situation with deceptive but ultimately empty counter attacks. But it is no longer possible for them to do this in the 21st century, in which the collapse of Darwinism is announced.

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