The True Facts Regarding Statements Intended to Raise Suspicions about BAV Members' Sources of Income

For years now, press organs have been publishing reports about Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV asking "where does the money they make come from?" The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), affiliated to the Turkish Finance Ministry, has carried out detailed investigations into all the defendants in the BAV case, which has been going on since 2000, including Mr. Oktar. All the defendants' work places, bank accounts and financial records were examined individually. THREE SEPARATE OFFICIAL REPORTS issued by MASAK, OFFICIAL STATE REPORTS, DEFINITIVELY REFUTED the illegal earnings allegation. (Below are shown MASAK Report No. GKR.2000.22.173/Mut-2 dated 27 July, 2000, MASAK Report No. GKR.2000-22/11 dated 21 December, 2000, and MASAK Report No. GKR.2001-22-173/ Mut-1 dated 16 July, 2001.)
THERE IS NO QUESTION OF ANY ILLICIT EARNINGS. Mr. Oktar and the BAV members are people who fear Allah, guard the rights of the orphans and MAKE ONLY LAWFUL EARNINGS. Although it has been shown right at the beginning of the BAV case through OFFICIAL REPORTS SUBMITTED TO THE COURT that these claims made are all false, these biased reports based on no concrete evidence whatsoever still appear in newspapers, on the television and on the internet as part of the psychological warfare campaign against Mr. Oktar. However, the tens of thousands of people who read his works with great enjoyment attach no credence to these claims. Mr. Oktar is engaged in his valuable works with no expectation of material reward, solely for the good pleasure of Allah and for love of the motherland and the nation. It will be appreciated that the fact someone is engaged in such effective activity expecting no material reward documents how the claims in question are all utterly false allegations.

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