How New Humanist used the same methods to raise the subject of the cocaine conspiracy, an element of the psychological war against Adnan Oktar:

New Humanist magazine has once again raised the subject of a plot against Adnan Oktar several years ago, of which Mr. Adnan was acquitted in court. This is the cocaine plot against Adnan Oktar. Although the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar set up by the alleged Ergenekon organization was exposed by judicial bodies, it has again been raised by this pro-atheist publication as if it were genuine fact. The fact is that the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar is an indication of what the alleged Ergenekon organization, with its materialist and Darwinist ideology, is capable of solely because of its unease at the spread of Adnan Oktar’s national and spiritual values.
In the middle of 1991, Adnan Oktar and a few colleagues were detained in Izmir with no grounds being provided. He was later transferred to the Istanbul Security Department, where he was held for 72 hours. At the end of 72 hours he was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for a cocaine test. And it was announced that a large quantity of a cocaine side product had been found in Adnan Oktar’s blood. If the enormous amount of cocaine allegedly extracted from Adnan Oktar’s blood had been taken before 72 hours, it would have killed him. This shows that this amount of cocaine had entered Adnan Oktar’s body shortly before, within the previous 72 hours, in other words while he was in detention. In other words, the cocaine had been mixed in with his food while he was detained at the Security Department. It emerged through reports from 20 foreign forensic medicine institutions and from an official report from the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution that this was a plot against , and the court acquitted him, saying the whole thing was a plot. This incident shows the kind of plan set in motion by the sinister forces wishing to hinder Adnan Oktar’s activities and just what they are capable of. You can find detailed information about this matter, presented here in summary, from here.

The Cocaine Plot is the Second Major Smear Campaign against Mr. Adnan Oktar

The cocaine plot, which only appears between the lines on the Wikipedia web site, is of considerable importance in terms of being a smear campaign against Mr. Oktar planned beforehand by Darwinist and masonic forces, and it is essential that the true facts on this subject be known in full detail.
In mid-1991, certain circles made uneasy by his cultural activities made Mr. Oktar the target of a conspiracy. At the time, he was preparing a most important manuscript on the history of freemasonry and world-wide masonic organizations. Police, searching the home he shared with his mother in Istanbul's Ortakoy district, discovered a packet of cocaine "in the very first book" they opened-in a library of some 2,000 books!
Mr. Oktar was taken into custody, on false grounds, in Izmir where he was together with a few friends, then transferred to the Istanbul Security Directorate, and after 72 hours, was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for drug testing. It was announced that Mr. Oktar's blood showed a high level of a cocaine by-product.
However, all the evidence submitted later showed that this was nothing more than slander; and that the cocaine allegedly found in Mr. Oktar's library was part of this conspiracy. Shortly before the arrest, he had felt that secret moves against him were afoot. Leaving his home in Ortakoy he called his mother Mediha Oktar to warn her of a likely plot against him and asked her to clean and search his house with a few other people as witnesses. His mother called her neighbor and janitor, and together they cleaned her son's home from top to bottom, dusting all the books in his library. Although Mr. Oktar did not return after that cleaning, 16 police officers carrying out the search operation found "a packet of cocaine" within 2-3 minutes of entering the house, in the first book they opened out of a total of some 2,000.  The neighbor and janitor later made a sworn statement, saying jointly that "We cleaned Adnan Oktar's library together, and there was no such packet there."
The second phase of the conspiracy-the cocaine by-product in Mr. Oktar's blood-was refuted by scientific and forensic evidence. Mr. Oktar was kept in the Security Headquarters for 72 hours before the analysis was performed. Scientifically, however, it can be calculated how much cocaine a man has taken and how many hours before by measuring the cocaine by-product in his blood. In Mr. Oktar's blood, that level was so high that had he taken that much cocaine 72 hours before, it would have killed him. This showed that the cocaine had entered his body while he was in detention. In other words, it was given Mr. Oktar by being mixed with his food while he was in detention.
This was confirmed by some 30 international forensic medicine institutions, including Scotland Yard. To the file sent to them for examination, all gave a common response: The cocaine had been administered while Mr. Adnan Oktar was in detention by being mixed with his food.
Subsequently, the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution CONFIRMED that the incident was a conspiracy, THAT THE COCAINE HAD BEEN ADMINISTERED DURING THE DETENTION PERIOD BY BEING MIXED WITH HIS FOOD, and Mr. Oktar was cleared by the court and released.
However, this incident revealed an important point: there are certain forces hostile to Mr. Oktar that intend to employ all kinds of dirty tricks. These forces, who previously sought to intimidate him with mental hospital, prison and oppression, now preferred to plot such a conspiracy against him.
You can see the originals of some of the reports issued by health institutions proving that the cocaine entered Mr. Oktar's body less than 72 hours before, in other words, while he was under detention.
1- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Munich University
2- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Aachen University
3- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution, 5th Specialist Board
4- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution
5- Grid Chart by Prof. John Ambre Used As One of the Main Reference Tools in Forensic Medicine Reports
6- Basel Police and Military Department, Forensic Medicine Laboratory
7- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Bonn Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms University
8- French Interior Ministry Police Laboratory
9- Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow
10- Institute of Forensic Medicine, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University
11- St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital, Institute for Forensic Medicine
12- Prof. Davide Ferrara of Padua University
13- Prof. Dr. H. W. Raudonat - Center for Forensic Medicine
14- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Tübingen University
15- University of Parma, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
16- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Vienna University
You can find more detailed information on the subject here.

New Humanist's Unrealistic Claims about the SRF's Activities Regarding Ataturk

New Humanist magazine employed statements made by someone totally unknown to the SRF circle to make deeply unpleasant allegations about that group. It is apparent that the claims concerning Mustafa Kemal Ataturk are the product of a seriously flawed logic. Adnan Oktar is today the person who publishes the finest, best quality and most influential books concerning Ataturk and who arranges Ataturk exhibitions and praises him in interviews addressed to the whole world.  He has many times expressed his love of and devotion to Ataturk, before the eyes of the whole world, on a great many television programs he has taken part in. Just a few examples of these are as follows:

Ekin TV, 29 January 2009

Ekin TV: Now, on the subject of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, you have written books about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Could you expand on the subject for us? How do you describe Ataturk, or how do you describe his heart?
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah, yes, Ataturk was a heroic figure. He was very handsome and very intelligent, an esteemed Ottoman general and a heroic Turkish general and commander in chief. Ataturk’s religious devotion was greater than most people can ever achieve. He had a commentary on the Qur’an prepared, for instance, the Elmali commentary, which is very important. He also had a commentary drawn up on Bukhari, the Sahih Bukhari, one of the most important of the books of hadith, and had that printed. He set up the Religious Affairs Office, the state’s largest organization, the Religious Affairs Office. And he established a system for us to experience religion in an honest and sincere manner. He did away with hypocrisy. He set up the laic system that would eliminate hypocrisy. And he opened the way for us to live by genuine Islam. It is a miracle that people still cannot understand the way that he put an end to occupation, broke the enemy occupation.  It was a blessing on him from Allah. Our Ataturk was a blessing. Because he rebuilt a state and a nation that had been completely shattered and destroyed. Allah used him as His instrument, masha’Allah. May Allah be pleased with him. And the Great Commander was a lover of the Qur’an. He is someone who had the Qur’an recited every evening and took great pleasure from that. He is someone who investigated and researched both the true meaning of the Qur’an and who also enjoyed hearing it recited. He had special people who knew the Qur’an by heart, a little known fact. And he enjoyed having it recited to people around him and listening to it himself. That is why the more people know about Ataturk the more they love him and value him. We must talk about him in terms of this reality. He was an anti-communist. “Gentlemen,” he said, “communism is the greatest foe of the Turkish nation. It must be crushed wherever it is seen.”  Pearls fell from his lips, masha’Allah. That is why I describe him as a lion. There is so much to him. Who else would have had the courage to close down the masonic lodges? He told them to close the lodges down at once, and they were shut down that very evening. Nobody in the world would have had the courage to close down the masonic lodges. That is the heroism he displayed. There is no end to Ataturk’s heroism.

Kanal Malatya, 7 January 2009

Kanal Malatya: Was Ataturk religious?
Adnan Oktar: Ataturk was both religious and a perfect human being. One could describe him all day. Just think, he had a commentary on the Qur’an drawn up, on the book that represents fundamental knowledge for Muslims. He had it done by the most immaculate scholar. By Elmali. Elmali Hamdi Yazir Efendi. And he provided that commentary for the Turkish people. He also had the most trustworthy book of hadith explained. He ordered a commentary and made the Sahih Bukhari available to the public. He had the Religious Affairs Office set up. He said that communism was the worst foe of the Turkish nation and must be crushed wherever it was seen. Heroic language, masha’Allah. He espoused Turkish Union, Islamic union and Turkish-Islamic union. He loved the Qur’an. He had the Qur’an recited for him every evening.  He knew all about the excellent life of the Prophet (saas). He was a true admirer of the Prophet (saas). Ataturk said so many great things about the Prophet (saas). As I say, I could go on all day...  For example, Ataturk said: “O Nation, Allah is One and great is His glory.” See what pearls fall from his lips. “May the goodness, and protection of Allah be upon you. Note that the laws imposed by Him are the most glorious verses of the Qur’an. Our religion is the last religion that has bestowed the spirit of spiritual power on people. Because if our religion were not compatible with logic and the truth, there would be differences between it and other faiths and of course laws. It is Almighty Allah Who made these divine laws.” He was a complete son of Islam. All Muslims must follow the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad (saas). And they must fully obey his commands. All Muslims must take the Prophet Muhammad (saas) as a role model and behave just like him. They must implement all the rules of Islam, because only then can people be saved and prosper.
It is Adnan Oktar who most powerfully describes Ataturk’s religious devotion and profound love of Allah and our Prophet (saas). Adnan Oktar has these web sites in Turkish about Ataturk:

Some of Adnan Oktar’s valuable works in Turkish about Ataturk are:
Ataturk, a genuinely devout person
Real Ataturkism
Ataturk and Youth
Understanding Ataturk
Ataturk Encyclopedia Volume I
Ataturk Encyclopedia Volume II
Ataturk, the Soldier

The Delusion that Harun Yahya’s scientific claims are met with lampoon in the West



New Humanist seems to be in trouble probably due to the extraordinary, real and scientific evidence submitted by Mr. Adnan Oktar to Darwinism. Indeed, due to this trouble the magazine made a very interesting comment and claimed that Mr. Oktar’s claims are met with lampoon in the West. Yet the editorial board in question very well knows that Mr. Oktar provides precise and concrete evidence against Darwinism which is a theory that thoroughly lacks any evidence. Indeed for this very reason he is the one Creationist author whose views are most respected all around the world. Readers worldwide enjoy his books which are also downloaded in ample amounts on the Internet.
European Darwinist publications, France being the foremost, consider Mr. Oktar’s works as a great threat against the theory of evolution and comment on the impact of Atlas of Creation upon Europe with expressions of despair. (For detailed information please see: This is no doubt the reason why Atlas of Creation was banned from the curriculum by the European Council. Aware of the profound effect of Atlas of Creation upon pupils, Darwinist centers strove to hinder the access of this precious work into schools. Consequently the situation is far more different from how it is depicted by New Humanist. The major reason of the Darwinist panic taking place in the world today is the works of Mr. Oktar which have great worldwide impact. New Humanist is totally aware of it.


News of Harun Yahya that Appeared in the World Press

The Sinister Plans of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Aimed at Mr. Adnan Oktar Are Very Striking

The securing of various MSN text messages, telephone conversations and other records in the context of the still ongoing alleged terror organization Ergenekon case has revealed some very significant facts. It has emerged from the records in question that Mr. Oktar and his colleagues are at the top of the list of the groups to be combated. It was then learned that a great many of those mentioned with regard to the investigation into Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV community have either been arrested or are facing charges of membership of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Some of these individuals are:
Adil Serdar Sacan, former Chief of Istanbul Anti-Organized Crime Department, who ran the police operation against the BAV community in 1999 and is now on trial, together with his team, on separate charges of torturing members of the BAV community (Forensic Medicine Reports are attached herewith), the defendants all facing prison sentences of 216 years each, has also been detained on charges of links to the alleged organization Ergenekon and has been held on remand in prison for a long time. He is still a defendant on these same charges.
Tuncay Ozkan, a figure who initiated an unbelievable lynch campaign in the press against the BAV community, is also currently in prison over links to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Tuncay Ozkan obtained, by illegal means, documents such as statements not written by the detainees but the detainees were forced to sign while at the Security Department, search warrants and various other legal documents that should all be under legal protection and published them, again illegally.
The documents obtained within the scope of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon investigation about activities targeting the BAV community were by no means limited to these. It emerged from other documents in the case file that Emin Sirin, former independent member of Parliament for Istanbul, currently facing trial on charges of being responsible for lobbying on behalf of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, was also engaged in intensive activities against the BAV community.
As we have already set out in considerable detail, Umit Sayin, known for his activities against the BAV community and who can be seen to have referred to plans against the BAV community in the documents captured in the context of the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon, also spent time in prison on the case and is still a defendant in it.
It was seen from these and other documents captured during the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon that there has been a deliberate policy of intimidation against Mr. Oktar for many years now. This state of affairs makes it very likely that there is a connection between the constant plots against Mr. Oktar and this alleged organization.
However, the fact is that true and worthy Muslims who live for His good pleasure will always be under the protection of Almighty Allah. By His leave and with His assistance, the works of Mr. Oktar have today spread right across the world, despite all these plots and policies of intimidation, and people have embarked on a great and powerful intellectual struggle against atheism, Darwinism and materialism. This success will grow still further and, by Allah's leave, people's feelings of faith will grow with every passing day.