The Sinister Plans of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Aimed at Mr. Adnan Oktar Are Very Striking

The securing of various MSN text messages, telephone conversations and other records in the context of the still ongoing alleged terror organization Ergenekon case has revealed some very significant facts. It has emerged from the records in question that Mr. Oktar and his colleagues are at the top of the list of the groups to be combated. It was then learned that a great many of those mentioned with regard to the investigation into Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV community have either been arrested or are facing charges of membership of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Some of these individuals are:
Adil Serdar Sacan, former Chief of Istanbul Anti-Organized Crime Department, who ran the police operation against the BAV community in 1999 and is now on trial, together with his team, on separate charges of torturing members of the BAV community (Forensic Medicine Reports are attached herewith), the defendants all facing prison sentences of 216 years each, has also been detained on charges of links to the alleged organization Ergenekon and has been held on remand in prison for a long time. He is still a defendant on these same charges.
Tuncay Ozkan, a figure who initiated an unbelievable lynch campaign in the press against the BAV community, is also currently in prison over links to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Tuncay Ozkan obtained, by illegal means, documents such as statements not written by the detainees but the detainees were forced to sign while at the Security Department, search warrants and various other legal documents that should all be under legal protection and published them, again illegally.
The documents obtained within the scope of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon investigation about activities targeting the BAV community were by no means limited to these. It emerged from other documents in the case file that Emin Sirin, former independent member of Parliament for Istanbul, currently facing trial on charges of being responsible for lobbying on behalf of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, was also engaged in intensive activities against the BAV community.
As we have already set out in considerable detail, Umit Sayin, known for his activities against the BAV community and who can be seen to have referred to plans against the BAV community in the documents captured in the context of the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon, also spent time in prison on the case and is still a defendant in it.
It was seen from these and other documents captured during the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon that there has been a deliberate policy of intimidation against Mr. Oktar for many years now. This state of affairs makes it very likely that there is a connection between the constant plots against Mr. Oktar and this alleged organization.
However, the fact is that true and worthy Muslims who live for His good pleasure will always be under the protection of Almighty Allah. By His leave and with His assistance, the works of Mr. Oktar have today spread right across the world, despite all these plots and policies of intimidation, and people have embarked on a great and powerful intellectual struggle against atheism, Darwinism and materialism. This success will grow still further and, by Allah's leave, people's feelings of faith will grow with every passing day.

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