The Delusion that Harun Yahya’s scientific claims are met with lampoon in the West



New Humanist seems to be in trouble probably due to the extraordinary, real and scientific evidence submitted by Mr. Adnan Oktar to Darwinism. Indeed, due to this trouble the magazine made a very interesting comment and claimed that Mr. Oktar’s claims are met with lampoon in the West. Yet the editorial board in question very well knows that Mr. Oktar provides precise and concrete evidence against Darwinism which is a theory that thoroughly lacks any evidence. Indeed for this very reason he is the one Creationist author whose views are most respected all around the world. Readers worldwide enjoy his books which are also downloaded in ample amounts on the Internet.
European Darwinist publications, France being the foremost, consider Mr. Oktar’s works as a great threat against the theory of evolution and comment on the impact of Atlas of Creation upon Europe with expressions of despair. (For detailed information please see: This is no doubt the reason why Atlas of Creation was banned from the curriculum by the European Council. Aware of the profound effect of Atlas of Creation upon pupils, Darwinist centers strove to hinder the access of this precious work into schools. Consequently the situation is far more different from how it is depicted by New Humanist. The major reason of the Darwinist panic taking place in the world today is the works of Mr. Oktar which have great worldwide impact. New Humanist is totally aware of it.


News of Harun Yahya that Appeared in the World Press

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