(From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview on Gaziantep Olay TV and Mavi Karadeniz TV, September 8th, 2009)


Look, immediately afterward they began attacking me in a completely irrational manner. Because their toes have been trodden on, they have been defeated, insha’Allah, and I have made statements about the origins of this enormous aggression. Fatih Altaylı was paid off. I know that he was paid 1.2 trillion Turkish lira, but I can’t even hint how I know.


In other words, we know he was paid 1.2 trillion to initiate a campaign against me. We will provide the proof of this for the courts. We have got it ready and will give it to the prosecutor. As you know, freemasonry, Turkish freemasonry, has been against me for years, and I am in a bitter struggle against them. Cübbeli Hodja came out and said that no masonic channel would allow a Muslim as a guest, that some kind of agreement must have been reached, and he said that himself. I am not saying that Cübbeli came to an agreement with the channels. But it looks really strange, of course. They keep praising the man, saying he is this and that, that he dresses so well and resembles Alain Delon, I don’t know, all kinds of thing like that. Yet they are really well aware of his weakness and helplessness, and they had a very entertaining time in that knowledge. Why is it as if they had swallowed their tongues whenever I am around. Why do they tremble and not have the nerve to stand up against me? Why do I slam anyone I grab hold of down on the ground?
OKTAR BABUNA: Masha’Allah, thanks be to Allah, Masha’Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: There is something about me that they are keen to avoid. It is Allah Who gives me this power. I have no personal strength of my own and neither do my colleagues. We are just manifestations of Allah. Allah makes us speak and encounter whatever it is.


Insha’Allah, a phone call came on that day as I was heading off to Habertürk [TV]. They said there would be an attack at the entrance to Habertürk.

We did not know.
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. The police took wide-ranging precautions. We told the police, who surrounded Habertürk on all sounds. And the police met us on the way in. Thanks be to Allah, nothing. Perhaps certain circles imagined I would speak in a more negative way out of that panic, I don’t know, but I always say they should not hide what they have in their hands. In other words it is a challenge. We will oppose their every bad deed with love and the moral values of the Qur’an.

We will always show forgiveness and kindness, with respect for freedom of ideas on a scientific, cultural and democratic framework, never disparaging anyone. In other words, we know that Allah created everyone and that Allah controls all things, and we enjoy the peace and calm that comes from that in submission to Allah, Insha’Allah