How New Humanist used the same methods to raise the subject of the cocaine conspiracy, an element of the psychological war against Adnan Oktar:

New Humanist magazine has once again raised the subject of a plot against Adnan Oktar several years ago, of which Mr. Adnan was acquitted in court. This is the cocaine plot against Adnan Oktar. Although the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar set up by the alleged Ergenekon organization was exposed by judicial bodies, it has again been raised by this pro-atheist publication as if it were genuine fact. The fact is that the cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar is an indication of what the alleged Ergenekon organization, with its materialist and Darwinist ideology, is capable of solely because of its unease at the spread of Adnan Oktar’s national and spiritual values.
In the middle of 1991, Adnan Oktar and a few colleagues were detained in Izmir with no grounds being provided. He was later transferred to the Istanbul Security Department, where he was held for 72 hours. At the end of 72 hours he was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for a cocaine test. And it was announced that a large quantity of a cocaine side product had been found in Adnan Oktar’s blood. If the enormous amount of cocaine allegedly extracted from Adnan Oktar’s blood had been taken before 72 hours, it would have killed him. This shows that this amount of cocaine had entered Adnan Oktar’s body shortly before, within the previous 72 hours, in other words while he was in detention. In other words, the cocaine had been mixed in with his food while he was detained at the Security Department. It emerged through reports from 20 foreign forensic medicine institutions and from an official report from the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution that this was a plot against , and the court acquitted him, saying the whole thing was a plot. This incident shows the kind of plan set in motion by the sinister forces wishing to hinder Adnan Oktar’s activities and just what they are capable of. You can find detailed information about this matter, presented here in summary, from here.

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