Responding to Baseless Claims Regarding Adnan Oktar on the Wikipedia Web Site

image Various pieces of information about Adnan Oktar are provided, under the headings Adnan Oktar and Harun Yahya, on the Wikipedia web site, which appears in English and various other foreign languages. Some of the information about Mr. Oktar's past and activities is accurate, but there are also some totally false claims and imputations. These claims have been added to the site for biased parties to misdirect readers or as a reiteration of unfounded allegations reflected in the press as a smear campaign. So much so that untrue reports that have been exposed as false by court rulings are cited as references, untrue reports that appeared in the press on the basis of no evidence whatsoever are cited as supposed proofs, while court rulings and other facts that expose the baseless nature of these allegations are completely ignored. (You can read the acquittal rulings and decisions not to proceed taken in the BAV Case here.)
Since our numerous corrections sent to the Wikipedia pages have been ignored and court rulings have countless times disproved these groundless claims with their legal contents it is now essential that we issue statements on the subject setting out the true facts. The false nature of the claims made against Adnan Oktar on the Wikipedia web site is proved below, and statements clarifying the true state of affairs are set out for readers' consideration.

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