The Claim That Turkish Academics Were Threatened and Libeled Is Entirely Fictitious

The claim on the Wikipedia web site about members of the BAV community regarding Turkish academics is entirely fictitious. First of all, it is impossible for there to be any question of aiming to intimidate Turkish academics holding Darwinist views from expressing scientific opinions, because there is nothing scientific at all about the theory of evolution. On the contrary, science had inflicted a huge defeat on the theory of evolution. But the whole world has been under the dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship for the last 150 years. It is therefore impossible for Darwinist scientists to suffer any injustice such as being unable to express their ideas. For the last 150 years, Darwinists have attempted to prop up a false ideology, by concealing science from people and showing them false evidence and offering deceptive accounts. For that reason, no matter what means may be placed at the disposal of evolutionist academics in the future, they will still only be able to offer deception, never science. That is because Darwinism is not scientific, but the worst mass deception in the history of the world.
But in the present century, Darwinism has suffered a huge collapse in the face of the matchless works of Mr. Adnan Oktar and most recently of his Atlas of Creation. This means that Darwinism is a false ideology that can be totally and fundamentally demolished through an intellectual struggle. And Mr. Oktar has eliminated Darwinism from the world with a powerful intellectual campaign. He has shown that all of Darwinism's ridiculous claims are invalid. While Darwinists were maintaining that everything came into being by chance, Mr. Oktar proved that not even a single protein can form coincidentally. While Darwinists have for years been saying that there are millions of transitional fossils, Mr. Oktar has shown there exists not even one transitional fossil, and that all the 300 million fossils unearthed to date prove Creation. Darwinism is a theory that is easily demolished with the revelation of the facts and by way of science. The claim about Darwinist academics is therefore totally unfounded. Their ideology has already collapsed by way of the scientific facts.
It will here be useful to recall one very important fact. The person indicated as the source of these claims of threat is Asst. Prof. Umit Sayin, currently a defendant in the investigation into the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Umit Sayin is on trial within the scope of alleged organization Ergenekon case on charges of being a member of the illegal organization and inciting an armed uprising against the government of the Republic of Turkey. He is one of Turkey's leading adherents of Darwinism and is known for articles, activities and comments targeting works by Mr. Oktar that demolish Darwinism and materialism. Among the documents that emerged within the scope of the alleged organization Ergenekon investigation from Umit Sayin's computer was a considerable amount of information for use against Mr. Oktar and the BAV. One of the noteworthy documents in the alleged organization Ergenekon case files is Umit Sayin's freemasonry document and his saying "THE MOST IMPORTANT SIGN OF HIS LOYALTY TO THE MASONIC LODGES IS HIS WORK AGAINST HARUN YAHYA (ADNAN OKTAR) AND THE SCIENCE RESEARCH FOUNDATION (BAV)." ( haber.php? haberid=327899)
In addition, as set out in press reports, telephone records and computer correspondence in the alleged terror organization Ergenekon case files belonging to Umit Sayin also clearly reveal that Mr. Oktar and the BAV circle were targeted.

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