Mr. Adnan Oktar's Opinions Regarding the Violence of the Holocaust and Statements Concerning the Claims about the Book The Holocaust Lie

The book The Holocaust Lie was not written by Mr. Oktar. It was written by someone called Nuri Ozbudak and published without Mr. Oktar's permission. A protest was issued by Mr. Oktar in a notarized document and announced to the public. The original document is set out for readers' attention below. Mr. Oktar's book The Holocaust Violence in which his own ideas are set out was published subsequently.

In The Holocaust Violence Mr. Oktar states that the Nazis perpetrated one of the worst genocides in history and committed mass slaughter. He describes how Hitler's followers committed a terrible massacre especially of devout Jews, as well as the scale of this. He states that this was the product of a Darwinist, fascist mindset, and that the most evident implementation of the ruthless and cruel thinking, the essence of Darwinism, came in the Second World War. The Holocaust Violence, which contains Mr. Oktar's true ideas is therefore a rare and very important work that proves the terrible genocide perpetrated against genuine Jews.
Mr. Oktar constantly reiterates his love and affection for worthy Jews, descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), in his works and interviews. He set these views out in an interview for Der Spiegel magazine on 14 September, 2008:
ADNAN OKTAR: The book, The Holocaust Lie, is by one of my friends, Nuri Ozbudak. It is not one of my books. He published his own essays under that title. Later we protested against this through the Public Notary and declared the fact to the public. This was the subject of a protest. I did not take any other legal action, but only protested through the Public Notary. I sent the protest from the Public Notary Office because he used my name but published it under his own name. My book expressing my own ideas was published later.
INTERVIEWER: So you never denied the Holocaust?
ADNAN OKTAR: The Nazis not only massacred Jews, but a great many other people as well. They committed a great mass murder. But they also mercilessly killed devout Jews. This is surely the atrocious work of Darwinist fascists. This is a fact. I have provided a detailed account of it [in my book The Holocaust Violence]. Jews are the descendents of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), they are the descendents of the prophets. They are valuable people. I love Jews very much. That is to say, the Prophets Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph and Solomon (peace be upon them all); they are all prophets and they all come from this particular line of descent. Accordingly those who attempt to annihilate the Jewish line of descent also annihilate that of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It is unimaginable for a Muslim to remain silent in the face of an action intended to annihilate the line of descent of a prophet. He will surely take action. I have also taken a strong action in this regard; I emphatically reject the present pressure on the Jews, the attempts to annihilate them, the acts of all sorts intended to remove them from their country and oppose them.

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