The verdict to ban Dawkins' site

image The claim regarding the caddisfly: Dawkins highlighted the photograph of caddisfly in Adnan Oktar’s opus, Atlas of Creation as a great discovery.  However this is the photograph of a model particularly put by the author in the book. Whether the photograph is of a model or not does not change the fact that this living being is still alive in our day. Desperate, speechless and bored in the face of the extraordinary evidences of Creation in the Atlas of Creation that invalidate evolution, Dawkins takes every opportunity to express this photograph of a model particularly put by the author in his book as a great discovery. By this attitude Dawkins, in fact, reveals the pathetic situation in which Darwinism finds itself. Caddisfly lives in our time with the same appearance its millions of years old fossil has. That is, it has not undergone any change. That is why Dawkins feels offended.  You can read detailed information here:

The claim regarding the ban on Dawkins' Internet site:
Judicial authorities’ decision to ban Dawkins’ site is not related to the personal claims Dawkins expressed in his site. It is evident that Dawkins expressed these claims in a spirit of panic, out of the pitiful situation resulting from the collapse of Darwinism. The official verdict of the ban taken by the Court is due to the libelous comments made against the author. Mr. Adnan Oktar’s attorneys warned the administrators of the site about these comments, but because these warnings were not taken into consideration and the necessary precautions were not taken, there existed no way other than litigating. In the face of libelous words, Turkish courts found the demand justified and banned the site. Consequently the verdict of the ban of Dawkins’ site is an official one given by the judges in the face of explicit evidence. Surely nobody has the right to insult any other person by any means. The verdict in question is an extremely important and necessary decision that protects the rights of all people and is taken for this purpose.

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