Claims regarding the plots against Mr. Adnan Oktar

Claims of schizophrenia about Mr. Adnan Oktar are baseless: Mr. Adnan Oktar has been subjected to many plots since he has been giving a very comprehensive and strong ideological struggle worldwide against atheist, Darwinist, materialist, communist and masonic centers. One of them is the alleged “schizophrenia diagnosis”, which was annulled when it was proved to be a groundless plot by the related institutions. Mr. Adnan Oktar was held in mental hospital among the most serious mental patients for 10 months without any justification only because of the unease his book Judaism and Freemasonry caused in some certain centers. He was further held in a cell in prison for 9 months. This method of dissuasion employed to put an end to Mr. Oktar’s activities continued for around 19 months through various forms of torture and difficulties. But then this diagnosis made out of a plot to Mr. Oktar was annulled by the military hospital and he was reported to be “spiritually and physically well.” The report in question was also approved by the Supreme Specialty Council.  
During the period Mr. Oktar was held in the mental hospital some Darwinist press organs frequently voiced this subject and often published writings against Mr. Oktar. However, when the military hospital annulled the report against Adnan Oktar, these press organs never mentioned a word about the military hospital’s report verifying Mr. Oktar’s physical and spiritual well-being. Similarly New Humanist still employs this devious tactic and only mentions the fake report and never mentions the fact that it is annulled. (You can see Mr. Oktar’s explanations here.)
The “alleged Crime-Organization” Claims against Mr. Adnan Oktar are baseless:
The court verdict against Mr. Adnan Oktar and some SRF members is still in the process of the Supreme Court of Appeals. Yet there exists an important point to stress here; the Court verdict is based on judicially invalid testimonies taken in the police station under duress in the absence of attorneys.
The legal errors occurring during the trial of the case were gathered under 70 articles which are submitted to the Supreme Court and European Human Rights Court. Indeed, the prosecutor of the Court related with the SRF case applied for appeal for the verdict of penalty due to the absence of evidence against the defendants and the mispleads of the Court. We have full respect for the verdict of the Court but for the case, which includes no elements of crime, our expectation is the reversal of the verdict by the Supreme Court.
You can read more details about this issue here, here and here.

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