The Baseless Nature of the Sexual Allegations Made against Adnan Oktar and His Friends

The sexual allegations made against Adnan Oktar and the BAV circle have always been an indication of the deep unease that atheist, Darwinist and materialist circles feel in the face of his scholarly activity. Whenever these people suffer an intellectual defeat they resort to allegations of a sexual nature, to which the public are most sensitive. And since it is Adnan Oktar who wages the most powerful intellectual struggle in the world against atheists and Darwinists, these circles have not hesitated to launch repulsive slanders against him.
In order for the claim in question about Adnan Oktar and the BAV circle to be accepted, there would first have to be a plaintiff, aggrieved party or witness. But there exists not a single witness, plaintiff or aggrieved party to confirm this false allegation. Eight years later, however, and as part of a psychological warfare campaign, a fictitious scenario about "little girls" was added to the accusations against the BAV. The fact is that no such claim existed in either the security department statements or the court file. Nor was there any plaintiff making such a claim. Indeed, NONE OF THE LADIES WHO MADE STATEMENTS AT THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT WAS YOUNGER THAN 18. The ladies in questions were forced to sign statements under threat, pressure and duress. These people all then declared, before the court, that they had not been damnified by Adnan Oktar and the members of the BAV in any way.

Baseless Slanders against Mr.Adnan Oktar

Moreover, claims regarding hidden cameras and secret records on the Wikipedia web pages have also been legally proved to have nothing to do with reality. In 1999, 45 homes were raided simultaneously at 03:00 in a move against the BAV. The homes were searched until the morning. But NOT A SINGLE SECRET RECORD or any other violation of the law WAS ENCOUNTERED. The imputation that appeared, illegally, in the press were part of a smear campaign against the BAV community. Some newspapers reported that "hidden cameras" had been seized in the early days of the police operation, but it subsequently transpired that these were lies. The objects described as hidden cameras were ordinary security cameras of the kind found in the gardens of many detached properties or at the doors of workplaces.
Electrical devices found in any home (dimmer switches, spotlight bulb holders, disk players and satellite antennae components) were confiscated from members' homes and displayed to the press as if they were espionage equipment. The fact is however, that the equipment recorded as a "disk wiping device" and displayed as a crime tool was in fact an ordinary "floppy drive" sold together with many laptops at the time. The commercial film tapes, magazines and CDs taken from BAV members' homes were used as psychological warfare propaganda tools and described to the public as blackmail equipment. But these were just documentary and music tapes and CDs of the kind found by the dozens in ordinary citizens' homes.
The court possessed not a single piece of evidence to support the claims in question. The reasoned opinion in favor of acquittal issued twice by the prosecutor was based on the fact that THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THESE or any other accusation, and the prosecutor makes this clear in these opinions. The verdicts of acquittal and dismissal of proceedings given by the Courts and public prosecutors totally disprove this claim.
These claims, which are in the court file BUT ARE UNSUPPORTED BY A SINGLE PIECE OF CONCRETE EVIDENCE, are based on the testimonies signed under duress and torture by all BAV members tried and taken under custody as a result of the plots hatched by the alleged Ergenekon terror organization in 1999. (There are 18 Forensic Medicine reports to the effect that members of the BAV were tortured in detention. Security officials of the time are still on trial for torture, with prosecutors demanding sentences of 216 years for each.) According to the law, police testimonies signed under torture and in the absence of advocates are utterly invalid. However, the penalty imposed on the BAV case was based on these invalid testimonies taken by police.

Please see for detailed documentation and indepth information on all the baseless slanders made on Mr.Adnan Oktar

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