The Groundless Nature of the Allegations of a "Supposed Criminal Enterprise" Made against Adnan Oktar:

image The Wikipedia web site also carried various false statements about the court ruling and guilty verdict issued against Adnan Oktar and a number of members of the BAV (SRF [Science Research Foundation]) circle, but an important fact was totally ignored: The guilty verdict handed down by the court was OVERTURNED by the Supreme Court of Appeals on 28.12.2009 because of the legal errors it contained.

The guilty verdict and 3-year sentence handed down in 2008 to Adnan Oktar and various members of the BAV community was actually appealed to by the prosecutor, on the grounds of totally improper practice and statements taken  and signed at the Security Directorate under duress and in the absence of a lawyer, and which were therefore legally inadmissible. The prosecutor also stated there had been various errors of law and practice committed. He TWICE REQUESTED ACQUITTAL during the court proceedings on the grounds that THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST THE DEFENDANTS AND OF THE PROCEDURAL ERRORS COMMITTED BY THE COURT. He also APPEALED AGAINST THE SENTENCE following the ruling. We have complete respect for the court, but this state of affairs showed that the ruling should again be considered by the judicial authorities. Indeed, the Supreme Court of Appeals took this up straight away and OVERTURNED the ruling, citing 5 separate legal violations. (You can find detailed information on the subject here, here and here.)

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