Statements Regarding the Groundless Nature of the Claim That Some Families Were Threatened and Forced to Retract Their Complaints

The Wikipedia web site contains various untrue pieces of information based on reports taken from various Darwinist and left-wing publications. One of these is the claim that certain families that retracted their complaints stating that they had been forced, in the first place, to issue these complaints about the BAV community did so as a result of pressure and threats from that community.
The families in question were called to the Security Department when members of the BAV community were detained en masse by Adil Serdar Sacan, director of the Anti-Organized Crime Department of the time who is now on trial within the scope of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization case, and forced to sign the documents placed in front of them under the threat of "If you do not complain about Adnan Oktar you will never see your child again." Later on, the people in question renounced their complaints, stating in petitions presented to the Prosecutor's Office that the complaints were groundless. They later repeated this orally in court, in the PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE JUDGE. In the same statements these people many times stated, both orally and in writing, that no pressure or threats was being employed against them. The renouncements in question have been put on record.
This is a very important point: In order for there to be a claim that the complaints were retracted under pressure, there also has to be a complaint on the subject or a damnification thereof. The fact is that THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE, A SINGLE INJURED PARTY OR A SINGLE PLAINTIFF regarding this claim. It is unclear on what basis such a claim appears on the Wikipedia web site.
Another point worthy of consideration regarding the claim that the complainants retracted their complaints under duress and pressure is that Mehmet Agar and Celal Adan were among those people who had first complained and subsequently retracted those complaints. It is very odd that such an imputation be made regarding these people. Mr. Mehmet Agar spent years fighting terror, mafia and criminal organizations, personally leading operations and taking part in shoot-outs. He served as Director General of Security and as Interior Minister of Turkey. Celal Adan spent years as a party administrator and member of Parliament. The idea that the BAV community pressurized and threatened such people is nothing more than suggesting that these people changed their statements out of a fear of a few young university graduates with spotless records. If anyone had any evidence of this, a complaint should have been made to the Prosecutor's Office and proceedings brought. In addition, in such an event, the people in question would also have pressed complaints. It is clear that such a state of affairs is unrealistic. Mr. Mehmet Agar and Mr. Celal Adan retracted their complaints in the presence of the judge. It is therefore a grave mistake for such a claim to appear on the Wikipedia web site as if it were true fact, and the issue needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency.
It also needs to be stated here that the only name put forward in connection with the claims of threats made by members of the BAV community is that of Fatih Altayli. But it has also been established through various court rulings that Fatih Altayli's claims regarding the BAV community are groundless, and all these claims have been expunged.
The Kartal 2nd Court of First Instance that heard the case in the light of Fatih Altayli's complaint concerning the BAV administrators established that the written threats addressed to Altayli had nothing to do with the BAV and issued an ACQUITTAL RULING, No. 1996/381 E. 1998/508 K dated 12.06.1998, regarding the foundation managers. The ruling has also been confirmed by the 4th Chamber of Supreme Court of Appeals.  
Fatih Altayli also sued the BAV managers and members for libel at the Istanbul 6th Court of First Instance.  That court received reports from a 3-member team of experts regarding the writings in question. The team of experts whose opinions were canvassed by the court determined, as a result of their inquiries, that these writings were completely unconnected to the BAV community. In the expert witness report, dated 28.01.2002 and given to the Istanbul 6th Court of First Instance by Prof. Dr. Kemal Yavuz, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ozkan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Andi, Fatih Altayli's claims were explicitly described as groundless.
In addition to all this, contrary to what is maintained on the State Security Court (DGM) Considered Legal Opinion, Fatih Altayli told the Istanbul No. 1 DGM that members of the BAV community made no threats against him and there was no question of any material gain. In answer to questions on the subject from the president of the Istanbul No. 1 DGM, Fatih Altayli replied THERE WAS NO THREAT OR FINANCIAL INTEREST, AND I WAS SUBJECTED TO NO THREATS." Anyone interested in examining the relevant evidence should visit this address.
The claims in question have been definitively invalidated by judicial rulings. The groundless nature of the claim regarding threats being made by the BAV community has been established by judicial rulings, and all these claims are completely untrue.

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