Statements Regarding the Closure Rulings against Various Web Sites in Turkey and Overseas:

site The works of Adnan Oktar are very valuable ones that have been instrumental in millions of people across the world seeing the truth and coming to believe. But since they fundamentally undermine atheist, Darwinist and materialist philosophy, these works have always attracted the attention of specific forces. And since these forces realized they were unable to overcome these works by way of science, knowledge, scholarship or evidence they attempted to silence them through baseless accusations, false allegations and defamation. It is this defeat and failure that lie at the root of the plots, groundless accusations and psychological warfare waged by certain sections of the press against Adnan Oktar for many years now.

These circles have now set about directing the same feeble efforts aimed at Adnan Oktar by way of various reports raised on certain web sites in Turkey and abroad and have resorted to defamatory comments in articles and writings published on those sites. Having realized that they cannot neutralize the works of Adnan Oktar using scientific and scholarly evidence, they have resorted to defamation as the only possible solution.


It needs to be specifically made clear that people have a right to freely express their ideas and to enjoy freedom of thought. Nobody has to agree with anyone else's ideas, and has no right to impose his own ideas on others. Everyone has the right to criticize everyone else, within intellectual and moral boundaries. But nobody has the right to "insult" anyone else. It is of the greatest importance for everyone that this right be preserved; but defamation is a criminal offense and character rights are under legal protection. No civilized community recognizes the freedom to defame others.

The sites that were ordered to be banned were those that carried various defamatory statements in articles about Adnan Oktar or in their readers' comments sections. Warnings were issued by way of lawyers to the administrators of the sites in question time and time again, and legal requests were made that the defamatory expressions on the sites be removed, but the site administrators ignored these. In the light of this, legal measures were requisite. The judicial body concerned found the complaints justified and ruled that the sites in question be banned for a specific period because of these writings that breached the human rights. The ruling confirms the necessity for and appropriate nature of these measures.

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