Baselessness of claims against SRF families

The claims brought by New Humanist regarding SRF members’ attitude toward their families are based on atrocious slanders. Only 4-5 families whose names are included in the evidence files known to be supported by masonic centers and the alleged Ergenekon terror organization members voiced the slanders produced by this alleged terror organization through various speculations. They tried to affect the judgment and carried out a negative propaganda against the SRF community. In order to see the respect and love of SRF members to their families, one should consider the convictions of HUNDREDS of families who explicitly express their views and love for Mr. Adnan Oktar and SRF community rather than a mere 4-5 families supported by the alleged Ergenekon terror organization. Hundreds of families express their gladness about how Mr. Adnan Oktar brought up their children as faithful individuals with moral perfection and state that their children are their greatest supporters and helpers in times of hardship and sickness. You can watch their personal views and the press conference held by these families here.
The claim that families provide money to the community is another consequence of the provocation carried out by people from the alleged organization. This claim, which is asserted to, in their own way, affect the Court and cause indignation in public, has not even a single solid evidence. This claim is utterly disproved by the testimonies before the Court given by 4 people whose names are mentioned in the SRF case indictment. There is neither a witness, nor a complainant or an aggrieved party about this subject.
Furthermore members of the SRF community are made up of 40-45 years old, married people who have regular family and business lives. Each of them are the graduates of prominent Turkish and foreign universities who have quite successful business lives. This claim made against them is, first of all, not becoming to their personalities. This aside, it is also extremely baseless when their financial situations are considered.
Besides, as can also be understood from the statements of the families, these families receive financial contribution from their children. As a requisite of our religion all members of SRF circle consider their families as holy and show great respect and love to them. Consequently such claims are utterly unreal and are based on indecent speculations.

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